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Stark Associates bags a COVID-19 based R&D and Regulatory Submissions Contract for a US Medical Device Manufacturing Co.

Stark Associates announced winning a strategic contract to support Research & Development for COVID-19 protective gear along with regulatory submissions for a Louisville, KY based, Medical Devices Manufacturing Company in partnership with University of Louisville (UofL), KY.

The proposed project will see Stark supporting Research & Development for the nanotechnology based color changing biosensors in presence of COVID-19 virus along with the US FDA regulatory submissions for patented nanotechnology based lifesaving medical devices like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits, N95 respirators, Surgical Masks, re-usable masks and other medical devices which are used to prevent COVID-19 viral infection.

Elated to take up this project, Dr. Madhukiran Parvathaneni, Client Service Representative for R&D and Regulatory Affairs at Stark Associates has asserted, “He along with Stark’s team will examine and introduce the necessary point by point discoveries at a granular level for this project.”

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